About Me

I have counselled in…

A Sixth Form College.
A Specialist Bereavement Counselling Agency.
NHS Talking Therapies for MIND (Mental Health Charity.
GP Surgeries.

Most of my teaching career was spent working as an outreach and onsite teacher of young people who were school refusing or who were mentally unwell which means I am skilled at working empathically with both adults and adolescents.

I have a DBS Certificate to cover working with both children and vulnerable adults.

As well as my private practice I currently work part-time for a counselling charity as a Family and School Liaison where – amongst other things – I am in the process of facilitating Popup Cafés for Secondary Schools to normalise the subject of mental wellbeing and how to achieve it both for ourselves and those around us.

I also volunteer one day a week for the NHS via the MIND Charity where I counsel GP and self-referred adult clients with common mental health problems.

I help tackle…

The limiting effects of historical or current trauma including PTSD, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, suicide and traumatic bereavement, relationship breakdown, loss of job or health, low self-confidence, mental health recovery, identity crises, relationship difficulties and second-generation migrant issues. Boarding School Syndrome and caring for a relative with mental illness or Aspergers are areas of special interest for me.

Have you lost someone close to you?

Supporting adults and children through bereavement is something in which I have specialist experience and training.

Are you suffering with depression, anxiety or panic attacks?

I have experience and training in managing these and other mental-health issues and helping to heal root causes.

Are you a trainee counsellor or student?

I understand your pressures and can offer you a concessionary rate in order to help fulfil your required counselling hours.

Are you a parent?

As a parent and qualified teacher trained in brain development… I can both empathise with your issues and offer constructive responses.

Are you an employee in the statutory and voluntary sector?

As a former Education Professional, Social Services Administrator, Training Coordinator, charity sector employee and career-changer, I can relate to the workplace challenges you may be facing.

Are you juggling caring for ill relatives with work and domestic obligations?

Again this is something of which I have personal experience: Counselling is a way of giving yourself the space and time to be an effective carer of others and the opportunity to consider honestly, the impact of the demands this puts upon yourself.

The process…

At the start of the first session I will formally contract with you some practicalities regarding safeguarding, confidentiality, fees and session arrangements.

The first session will be mainly given over to getting to know one another, assessing your needs and establishing what you would like counselling to do for you. I will document what you would ideally like to gain from therapy and at approximately 6-weekly intervals we will formally review our process.

It is possible that your issue may be resolved in less than 6 weeks and it is also possible that you may find yourself gradually working on a number of things that emerge over the course of a year. Both time frames are usual in my experience.