What to expect from Therapy?

The process…

At the start of the first session I will formally contract with you some practicalities regarding safeguarding, confidentiality, fees and session arrangements.

The first session will be mainly given over to getting to know one another, assessing your needs and establishing what you would like counselling to do for you. I will document what you would ideally like to gain from therapy and at approximately 6-weekly intervals we will formally review our process.

It is possible that your issue may be resolved in less than 6 weeks and it is also possible that you may find yourself gradually working on a number of things that emerge over the course of a year. Both time frames are usual in my experience.

My Approach

Depending on your personality and requirements the therapy you experience with me may be either Mindfulness-based contemporary CBT or AEDP which is an experiential, client-centred Psychodynamic psychotherapy.

I believe we all have innate self-healing capacity which can work very swiftly when correctly activated. My interpersonal neurobiological approach is thoroughly researched and firmly rooted in attachment theory, emotion theory, neuroscience, sensorimotor approaches and transformational studies to stimulate internal healing processes that remove blocks to mental well-being.

My education background has skilled me at exploring and identifying compatible ways of working with individuals. To this end I may offer or suggest the use of creative interventions as well as relaxation exercises if the client feels that may be helpful.